Our Story

Our story begins 15 years ago in Durban, South Africa when our founder, Tracy, stepped away from the corporate world.
Tracy kickstarted her entrepreneurial journey with just R3000, which was the exact cost of the palette used for her initial product. With a kind-hearted gesture from a label company who believed in her vision, Tracy began to turn her ideas into reality.

Having been involved with multiple art galleries in the past, she was determined to support artists who were usually overlooked. She explains, "Starting the business, I decided to champion for the artists, most especially budding talents. My goal was to create a platform for them to be seen and to make a living from their passion."

Yes! Definitely is rooted firmly in sustainable practices. We produce 100% recyclable PET plastic products, and have also introduced a line of t-shirts and bags made from recycled plastic bottles. These collaborations with Holmes Bros and Amanda Laird Cherry not only produce beautiful merchandise, but also provide an avenue for income for the illustrators we work with through sales.

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