Submit Your Artwork

Approximately every three months, we print new labels using six new designs.

All illustrations received are saved and when it’s time to print, we get feedback from a range of people - a bit like getting people to "vote" for their favourite.

If your artwork is selected, we will contact you to let you know, and to be sure you are happy with the way it is to be printed and to check the spelling of your name and Instagram handle or website.

Unfortunately, we can't print all the artworks we receive as we print six new at a time and we receive a lot more than we can print. 

Click here for a blank template which might be helpful.

Illustrations work better when:

  • they fit within the label edges (instead of running right to the edge of the label);
  • they are slightly taller than they are wide;
  • when they cover as much of the available space in the label;
  • when they make people feel happy.